Illustrate To Elevate

Beginners Fashion Illustration Workshop


Every single bit of effort counts. There is no such thing as wasted effort in the drawing.
There is no avoiding it: learning to draw, well it takes a lot of practice. Putting in the time to get over the beginner hump can be tough.

At first, things don’t always come naturally. It can be discouraging and frustrating but don’t worry we got your back… We will teach you how to make beautiful Illustrations and have command of it 🤩


Topic 1

1.Starts with scribbling and introduction to colours.

2.How to create different textures on different fabrics. Fabrics covered-

🍁 Denim
🍁 checkered fabric
🍁 Fur fabric

Topic 2

1. Applying and creating pleats and folds in the garment( basics) and rendering on it , because to learn in-depth it is important to learn from the grass root.

2. Creating shadows on different types of folds.

3. Pleats and Folds covered:-

🍁 Mountain pleats
🍁 Knife pleats
🍁 Box pleats
🍁 Free folds
🍁 Complex free folds

Topic 3

1. Full & Final illustration along with all the above techniques.

2. Q&A session.


Learning fashion illustration is about… beginning. And it never ends. The more you enter in this world , the more you want to explore and experiment with your colours But you need to start! This gets the ball rolling, and I promise that the beginning may feel difficult but this does not represent the whole journey! Your self esteem will soar as you stumble and adventure through practices, techniques and different methods 🤩


Topic 4

Introduction to tools:-
Discover my materials and tools which I use in making of my different effects and textures in my illustrations 🤩

Shading figures :-
This is so much important while making illustration to make it look more realistic and 3D 👍

Use of colour less BLENDER:-
If you want to make your fashion sketches look naturalistic and real, you should not miss this amazing opportunity to learn the techniques of colourless blender in our Illustrations 😍

Bleed proof paint:-
Struggling highlighting particular section of your illustration?… don’t worry we have your back with different tools which will make you amazed🤩

Topic 5

Rendering of different types of fabrics with an understanding of shadows and light:-

🍁 Embroidery (in detail) with the use of soft pastels and different techniques.
🍁 Pleated
🍁 Chiffon
🍁 Checkered
🍁 Different Prints with the use of markers.

Deeper understanding of Pleats and FOLDS:-
Having a good understanding of the various types of folds and how they wrap around the human form will help you achieve better visual results when illustrating clothing.

Topic 6

Live Illustrations Making:-
Live illustration making with Mohita using different techniques:-After learning these different techniques and methods, now it’s time to make our own illustration.✍️

Q/A Session:-
Having a doubt that whether you will be able to make it or not?? Don’t you worry at all…just grab your seat and start learning… results will be amazing 😍



Dont worry! We understand that sometimes it is difficult to attend the live sessions because of any important thing.

We provide recordings of the workshop if you missed it. So that you can watch that later and practice through the recordings.

Listen from our happy students

I was able to learn how to brainstorm , pick key words and create a really organized mood board. This course helped me to understand the basics more clearly. So in one word the course was really nice and i was able to learn as well as have fun doing the mood boards when attending the course.

As always the course is a complete package there isn’t anything Missing ….each and every bit of it is interesting and full of knowledge .it’s always been fun to learn from you mam .by providing all the templates uh made it so easier for us to do things and the way uh you work for us and make things smooth enough so that we can learn effortlessly is really appreciable. I admire you the most .. looking forward to see you soon .

I am really enjoying this course, I am learning alot of things about fashion board ,how to make it and add all elements about the theme/inspirational .I really appreciate Mohita Purswani Mam for making these videos for us to give you particular guidance about this topic. In best manner she is explaining each and everything.

This course is really amazing and we learned lots of things from it. Get lots of knowledge about boards. The way u teach us is always amazing and we loved it alot. Thanks for this course.