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Course Curriculum

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Resources, Worksheets & Challenge Sheets

Module 1.1 – Setting Up Your Freelance Success Mindset

Module 1.2 – All About Fashion Designer

Module 1.3 – Practical step by step process to get clients

Module 1.4 – Lead Generation

Module 1.5 – Adding Value Throughout Your Relationship

Module 1.6: Use Of Cold Emails To Get Clients

Module 1.7: Pitching Ideas To The Client

Module 1.8: Pricing Strategy/Contracts

Module 1.9: Where can I find work?

Module 2.1 Introduction to Fashion Boards

Module 2.2 Determine the STYLE

Module 2.3 Types of Creating MOODBOARDS

Module 2.4 – Use of Physical Elements

2.5 Notebook Form Moodboard

2.6 Moodboard Resources

Segments of the course

Fashion Freelancing

Fashion Collection

Fashion Portfolio


  • Setting your goals and expectations.
  • Learn how to find clients both online and offline.
  • Learn the power of personal freelance branding.
  • Protecting yourself through contracts.
  • Learn how to find your target market and create your service list.
  • Pricing your work.
  • Learning about different FREELANCE GIGS.
  • Sorts of projects you can work over as a freelance fashion designer and illustrator.
  • Prospecting client in a variety  of ways, that ACTUALLY work.
  • What kind of brands or companies you can work with?
  • Pre-requisites of work organization!


  • Creating your collection from the beginning (concept to creation) to include in the portfotilio.
  • Learning about Fashion boards:
    – Mood Boards
    – Inspiration Boards
    – Colour Palette…. etc.
  • Sources of inspiration that are helpful for creating a collection.
  • Various presentation TEMPLATES.
  • How to Make Your Collection Designs: A Step-by-Step Guide.
  • Designing the collection keeping in mind brand aesthetics and style while freelancing.
  • Finding ideas and inspiration and sketching them out.
  • Organize your collection using several layouts and examples.


  • Creation of Fashion portfolio starting from scratch.
  • Learn what elements of your work to include and exclude in your portfolio.
  • Choosing the best format for your portfolio.
  • Organizing your portfolio content.
  • Using your creative skills to enhance your portfolio.
  • Organizing your cv and personal information.
  • Mistakes to avoid and make your fashion portfolio stand out from others.
  • Putting the finishing touches on it before presenting it for the job interview(physically)

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